Holiday Décor –
St. Louis

Bring the Spirit of the Holidays to your Business

 Nothing brings Holiday warmth and good will to your business like spectacular seasonal decorations.

Growing green offers professional seasonal design services to meet your unique needs. Our solutions are scalable from a 24” wreath to a 24’ tree, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to create a program that highlights their public spaces and office areas. Our designers can create custom themes that can focus on, or combine, Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanza.

Holiday Magic

Holiday Magic allows you to enjoy fabulous designs on a rental basis. It is ideal for businesses who have limited storage space and like the option of changing “looks” every 3 years. A single price includes all costs including delivery, installation, take down, and storage.

Growing Green Inc Commercial holiday décor St Louis

Holiday Signature

Holiday Signature allows you to purchase the design of your choice and to customize it as you wish. It is offered as an “a la carte” menu, you pick the options you want for your space. Our designers will focus all our creativity into developing your special theme. All our services of delivery, installation, and storage are available to you, just decide how much help you need.

Holiday Help

Love the decorations you have but want some help with design and refreshing them? Our Holiday Help gives you a designer’s hand in refreshing the decorations you already own. This service is offered on an hourly basis and any new items you may want will be available for purchase from our extensive inventory.


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