Holiday Décor Designer Collections

Companies, like people, all have different personalities and preferences. We bring that to life through the use of creative holiday decor collections. Our designs can be carried out on trees of all sizes, wreaths, garland, sconces, and more.
Use the design samples below to determine your preference, then get in touch to discuss your options. Be sure to view the holiday designs we have created for other clients.

Current Designs Design Collection,
available through ‘The Holiday Magic’ 3 year Rental Contract
Current Designs:
Deck The Halls Merry & Bright Shimmer & Shine
Deck the Halls Wreath Merry and Bright Wreath shimmer__shine_wreath
deck_the_hals_ball_wreath merry__bright_ball_wreath shimmer and shine ball_wreath
Deck the Halls Sconce Merry & Bright Sconce Shimmer & Shine Sconce

Holiday Décor Designer Selection
40″ Wire VaseDécor Carciofi Golden Grasses
Wire Vase Carciofi 2012 Golden Grasses
Square Wreath Wreath Small Berry Branch
Square Wreath Wreath holiday décor St. Louis Berry Branch Holiday Décor St. Louis
Large Berry Branch Snowy Pine Contemporary
2012 Large Berry branch Snowy pine holiday decor Contemporary holiday decor
Bead Extravaganza Super-size Hanging Sconce 7ft Birch Arrangement
Bead Extravaganza Super-size Sconce Birch for holiday décor

Previous Design Ideas
Jack Frost Deck The Halls Champagne Sparkle
Jack Frost Sconce Holiday Decor St. Louis Deck the Halls Sconce Champagne sparkle sconce
Amber Glow Red Hot Holiday Winter Verde
Amber glow wreath Red hot wreath holiday decor Winter Verde Wreath
Amber Glow Sconce Holiday Decor Red Hot Sconce Holiday Decor St. Louis Winter Verde Sconce Holiday Decor

Wreaths & Sconces:
Royal Crimson
w/ a Twist
Majestic Holiday Glittering Forest
Royal Crimson Wreath Majestic Wreath Holiday Decor St Louis Glittering Forest Wreath Holiday Decor St Louis
Royal Crimson Sconce Majestic Holiday Sconce Holiday Decor Glittering Forest Sconce Christmas Holiday Decor St Louis