Green Wall Provides Esthetic and Environmental Benefits

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News Release - Growing Green Inc was recently written up for a Living Green Wall that we are maintaining. This news release is a partial reprint of an article from the Fall 2019 MoGIA Quarterly E-Newsletter of the Missouri Green Industry Alliance Volume 3, Issue 2. Students at Washington University’s Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts are benefiting from a new tranquil gathering spot featuring a 30-ft. high living green wall, thanks in part to MoGIA member Growing

We are hiring – Holiday Warehouse Technician

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The warehouse technician supports the staff of the holiday division by responding to staff requests for pulling product from the shelves, returning product to the shelved and assisting the group with other work. Assistance is also needed in boxing and storing decorated pieces for our clients such as wreaths, trees, garlands, sconces and other coordinating pieces. This job also sweeps the warehouse or dock area and helps maintain the cleanliness and order of the warehouse...

We are hiring – Temporary Holiday Installations Team Member

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Do you love the magic of the holidays? Our holiday team needs your help to install and take down, holiday trees, wreaths, garlands, and other holiday arrangements in November and early December. General work hours are 8-5, but many jobs will require an earlier start or will go later into the day depending on the workload. Flexibility and long work days are required during peak times in order to meet customer requirements. We work all weekends in November and...

We are hiring – Holiday Fabrication Technician

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The fabrication technician supports the holiday department through fabrication, repair of holiday products, boxing and storing decorated pieces for our clients such as wreaths, trees, garlands, sconces and other coordinating pieces. This job may assist in the preparation, delivery, installation and removal of product to/from client locations. Most work days will be spent in the fabrication department assisting the designers. This position requires an organized person with flexibility in the work schedule. Read, interpret and work from paperwork, and...

This is Who we are – Molly Heiser

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It’s dark in the forest. You’re six years old and lost. Do you panic? Not if you’re our young Molly, you just begin your love affair with nature. You remain calm until mom and dad find you and then you tell them how pretty it is. Her love for plants was enhanced by her experiences working in a butterfly conservancy when she was in high school...

This is Who we are – Rich Butler

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One day as we were closing up the old warehouse there was a guy who asked what we did. We explained and he said it sounded interesting and introduced himself. That is how we met Rich Butler. The Police Garage was just down the alley from us, and Rich was in charge of Facilities for The Police Department. Rich’s experience in maintaining a facility and in supervising staff was in evidence from the beginning...

This is Who we are – Susan Esker

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Susan Esker- Director of Sales & Marketing — It is a truth universally acknowledged that all business starts with a sale and Susan Esker is an expert at assisting clients achieve their design needs. But she doesn’t stop there. Participating in a number of professional organization like IFMA, CREW and BOMA, she joins committees, helps organize events and creates Growing Green’s well received specialty events...

This is Who we are – Julianne Vander Meulen

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Julianne is part of our indoor plant care technician team here at Growing Green. She has had a love of plants since learning to garden with her father many years ago. You can see that she is truly passionate about her work – both her plants and clients are very happy. Her work history includes many years of medical and holistic healing practice, and a previous 2-year stint as a horticulture tech in Detroit...

2019 I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest – Gold Award

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I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest Gold Award for Container Plant Design

Description: When your client sees a planter in a magazine from Europe, aren’t you glad you spent the dollars and the time to learn about what is offered outside the U.S?! You are in the position to say “yes we can do that.” Keeping up with world trends is vital to the growth of our company. Having said that, isn’t it even better to have relationships with your vendors right here in the U.S. ...

2019 I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest – Silver Award

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Description: The patio/plaza had thousands of eyes looking at it every day—some walked by; others saw it from their offices many stories up. Besides wanting our four (4) season plan, the client also wanted the 5th season: holiday with lots of lights but limited electricity. The planters were already in place, located in open areas and at the entrance to a restaurant in the complex. The start was to replace the evergreens...