Worry-Free Health and Maintenance Program

Our horticulturists will make scheduled visits to your business in order to fully care for the plantscape. Our Health and Maintenance program is available for Outdoor Gardens as well as Indoor Landscapes.

Our technicians control moisture content in the soil through proper (not over) watering, trimming, cleaning, fertilizing, resetting mulch, and analyzing plant health. Ongoing updates regarding your indoor or outdoor gardens will be provided to you to keep you informed. Since our technicians will be visiting your business hundreds of times during the many years we do business, we only hire courteous, knowledgeable, uniformed, friendly people to care for your business.

When a planting fails to thrive, our continuous replacement program for indoor landscapes provides fresh plants when they are needed at no additional cost. Consider our indoor flower rotation program for color along with our outdoor plantings, which together add interest through seasonal changes. And, and always, you only invest in indoor and outdoor landscapes that always look good.

What’s the benefit to your organization?

  • People respond positively to plants and flowers, both indoors and out. Healthy living plants reflect the health of your business.
  • Research shows that only well cared-for plants give you the ROI you expect.
  • The plantings always look healthy and fresh, because we ensure that they are.
  • We work independently, so your staff can continue their work uninterrupted.
  • When you invest in healthy, living plants, your corporate image and company culture express your concerns for the environment, your customers, and your employees.

What does it cost?

Contact us for a quote. Minimums start as low as $75 per month. For many of our customers, On-Going Care may be the most inexpensive employee benefit they can provide.