Interior Landscaping –
St. Louis

We’ve come a long way since Growing Green began in 1973. Back then, plants were incorporated into an environment because they were pretty, they filled up space, and they softened an often harsh commercial interior. Today, several research studies have proven that plants play a key role in:

  • Improving employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity
  • Establishing a positive corporate environmental image
  • Creating building spaces that are perceived as more expensive
  • Reducing indoor air pollutants and aiding humidity control
  • Speeding up recuperation from stress and illness

Research as gone on to prove the benefits of professionally-designed and maintained interior plantscapes, showing:

  • Savings attributed to decreased employee sick time
  • Increased profits due to improved employee focus and accuracy
  • Improved customer and employee relations through a friendlier image
  • Reduced insurance claims by creating healthier indoor air
  • Increased occupancy rates and rents
  • Savings in health care costs by aiding the healing process for patients and improving worker satisfaction

Growing Green Inc. stays on top of current research and can guide the architect, designer, facility manager, or corporate executive in developing a planting plan that will focus on their particular needs.

Innovative designs, responsible planning, up to date information, reliable procurement and installation procedures, impeccable on-going care services…this is what Growing Green clients have come to know and appreciate… and our plants are still pretty.