2015 AmericanHort International Plantscape Platinum Award – “The BIG Holiday”

Special Events and Holiday – “The BIG Holiday”

Project Description —
By: Lynn Ott

Imagine walking into the main lobby and you are greeted by a 7’ round 7’ tall red glittering ornament! Hanging overhead on the grid are ceiling ornaments mostly bright red with a large gold final in the center. Three 72” wreaths hang down from the railing full of color and excitement. This space has become a popular spot for employees taking family holiday photos. Assembling and moving this BIG ornament requires 5-6 people wearing gloves (so we don’t scratch it) with one ‘thin’ person going inside to secure the nuts and bolts. We slide them out the opening. Then we wax and polish this ornament with car polish. The ceiling ornaments are strategically hung with the help of a one-man lift.


The side lobby boasts a 20’ tower tree fully decorated and lit with 6,750 led warm white lights. Suspended from the 3rd floor surrounding this glorious tree are six 6’ specialty sconces coordinating with the lobby design.

Into the Event Center we go. We hang BIG white flying birds….two have wing spans of 6’ and one with 10’….from this ceiling. Dropping down among them are 8 – 48” snowflakes at different lengths. These are made of manzanita branches painted white and lit with white lights. This area also has a very BIG garland with C9 LEDs and large red bows to surround their stage. There are 5’ sconces on all of the lampposts coordinating with the design. Heading to the auditorium you pass 7 of these same sconces on columns. A BIG statement for sure.

Outside the auditorium is one more BIG surprise. We call it Beaded Extravaganza. We filled a shiny black 5’ planter with bendable gold beaded stems draping up and out and covered it with hanging red balls, onions and finials. This captures your attention for sure!!