Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Growing Green is a commercial interior plantscape and exterior landscape firm serving the greater metropolitan Saint Louis area and southern Illinois.

Our teams of staff members work year-round to design, install, and care for displays of tropical plants and flowers in building lobbies, hotels, hospitals, corporate offices, financial institutions, and shopping malls.

Grow with us!

Great people deserve to GROW and work with the best!

The Growing Green team cares about each other, the company and, most of all, our customers.  The “3 Cs” — Caring, Communication and Creativity — are the foundation of our service success!

Currently we are interviewing candidates for the following employment opportunities:

Our Values

When working with each other, our vendors, and our customers, Growing Green, Inc., expects our staff to be trustworthy, honest, and hardworking.

Continuing the process of individual growing and learning is key to our success.   Achieving high standards and showing accountability in our jobs are important for every employee.

Growing Green desires an atmosphere of respect, teamwork, and cooperation among ourselves and our departments.  We strive for excellent service, communication, and professionalism.

Accepting Applications

Horticultural Service Technician

The Horticultural Service Technician is responsible for maintaining plants assigned to their care. On a structured schedule and within an allotted time frame, the technician maintains interior foliage plants by using accepted horticultural techniques.

Horticultural Service Technicians must have a reliable personal vehicle available each work day for transportation to the accounts. Vehicle liability insurance and a valid drivers’ license are to be in place at all times. Mileage compensation will be provided.

Essential Functions of the Job

Must be able to lift 10 lb. water buckets and/or push 40-50 lb. water machines throughout the day. Must be able to climb ladders and have good dexterous use of both hands. Must be able to use scissors, pruners, hand saws, hoses and other small tools. Must be able to apply leaf cleaners and insecticides using hand-held pump sprayers. Must have a satisfactory safe driving record. Must be able to professionally communicate with clients and have a neat and clean appearance.

This is strenuous work requiring good vision, hearing, climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, reaching, lifting, and the ability to work all day in varying greenhouse and/or office conditions.

What we do is good!

Simply speaking, we bring life indoors. Plants are essential to our wellbeing. They are proven to improve health, morale and productivity in the workplace. Our team provides creative plant design and expert horticultural care to businesses. At Christmas, we bring joy through our holiday decor, designed and installed by our talented team. Our outdoor department dresses up roof tops, streetscapes, outdoor containers and planting beds.

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