2016 AmericanHort International Plantscape Platinum Award – “The Look”

Streetscapes – “The Look”

Project Description –
By: Lynn Ott

Our client calls.  “Hey, I want some trees in front of our place.”  There are seven containers already there along the sidewalk and at entrances.  We have a conversation about these containers.  Keeping them, how many he wants to add, vision.  The existing containers are brown and scratched but they were expensive so he wants to keep them.  Can they be painted? Are they still made?  He wants gold.  He wants to add containers in the future.  He is going for a ‘look’.  We call the manufacturer.  We order eight new 34”gold dust European cylinders and matching paint.  The old containers get painted and become new.

We spend time researching trees that do well in urban settings, in containers, and are slow growing.  We consult our favorite nurserymen for options.  They go with Columnar Hornbeams..we order eight.  We suggest not all the containers get a tree; suggesting summer plantings to add color, texture and fun to ‘the look’.  Hornbeams are placed among the other containers that will become the summer plantings to mix it up.  Our goal is to not move these tree containers once they are planted.  They are heavy.  Imagine the rootball and soil. 

Red Sister, new gold lantana, big begonias, purple angelonia, pink mediterranean vinca, lysimachia and macho ferns complete the look.  Ferns and algerian ivy are added around the hornbeams for texture.  Our water truck pulls to the curb for twice a week care in early morning to avoid buses and sidewalk traffic.  The plants go crazy here with some morning and afternoon sun.

The color from the plants along with container color which pulls from the building, compliments their rugs, signage, and curtains.  It really gives a ‘cool look’ to this downtown building’s streetscape.  Mission accomplished.