Update with Style St. Louis
– A New Indoor Plant Installation

This existing building was ready for an updated look, and our design team was ready to take on the challenge. The “Wave” planters were chosen to mimic the exterior styling of the building. Decorative tumbled glass was used as a topdressing for the plantings to give extra appeal. Stylish, tall planters…

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Living Plants – Nature’s Game Changer

Living Plants for the Workplace of Tomorrow. Super charge your office space with living technology!   Video Published by Green Plants for Green Buildings. Growing Green Inc. is a proud supporter of Green Plants for Green Buildings.    

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Who should have Live Plants?

Magellan Lobby live-indoor-plants St-Louis

You should. Wherever you work, play, shop, or live incorporating plantings indoors and outdoors gives you a connection to nature. This is a healthy and beautiful connection that is good for your mind and body..

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