Green Walls Create Biophilic Impact –
Granular — Champaign,IL

We were excited to receive a lead to work with a new client remotely. This sale had a trifecta effect; the client is based in San Francisco, the physical location for install of the office is in Champaign, IL and we are in St Louis, MO.

We did not meet in person, nor had we been to the install location. We designed the green wall sight unseen. All communication was done by email, phone calls, and text messages. The key to connecting via electronically was available for the client. By being prompt with all responses and insightful by being proactive, our sales staff was able to make the connection with the designer, and add value by providing product knowledge and expertise. The designer introduced us to her client, after we established a trusting relationship.

The designer and client knew what they wanted for the green wall, and after considering the location in the office, we collectively decided to add a second wall to make a more significant impact. The result exceeded our expectations. The green walls created a biophilic impact that offered a nurturing spot in the office, where employees are productive, creative and at ease in their surroundings.

Moss Art logo at Granular-Champaign,IL