Growing Green Inc. Embraces Pure Power

You have the POWER to make a difference!

Ameren Missouri’s Pure Power is an easy, affordable way to have a positive impact on the environment today — and every day. Pure Power allows Ameren’s Missouri customers to choose to support the development of local renewable energy, like wind power – by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

Growing Green, a supporter of Pure Power, was so excited to be asked to host a business networking event showcasing the benefits of Pure Power. These networking events are just one of the many ways to participate in Ameren Missouri’s voluntary green energy program, Pure Power.Pure Power

Growing Green, a Pure Power Gold Leader since March 2010, offsets 100% of the electricity that we use for our business. Not only does this align with our sustainability initiative as a company, but it also supports development of new renewable energy sources in Missouri, most recently wind energy. Each year Growing Green saves the environment 94,997 pounds of carbon dioxide, a harmful greenhouse gas, from entering the atmosphere. This is equivalent to the emissions from over 8 cars each year!

Growing Green is a staunch supporter of this program and any program that helps their best friends, the plants, breath easier.

Renewable energy in Missouri has created jobs and supports our state economy too.