Growing Green Inc. Celebrates 40 Years!

Celebrating 40 Years, Growing Green Inc. Continues to Flourish

Growing Green Inc., an interior/exterior plantscape firm, is proud to celebrate 40 years of successfully designing, installing, and caring for the finest displays of tropical plants and flowers in corporate offices, lobbies, hospitals, financial institutions, hotels and shopping malls throughout the St. Louis bi-state area.

Beautifying places is our main objective, explains President Teri Pesapane, who co-founded the company with husband Joel in 1973.

As young people new to the region, the Pesapanes came to St. Louis by way of New York to follow their dream of building a locally-focused small business from the ground up. Despite having no family in the area, the two were quickly embraced by the Central West End community – from open-minded professionals willing to try new ideas, to good friends who soon became like family.

With passion and perseverance, the Pesapanes continued to focus on their core competency, horticulture, and over time Growing Green Inc. expanded to include seasonal divisions handling streetscape/exterior planting services and commercial holiday décor. Teri and Joel’s strong emphasis on community and local involvement made St. Louis City a no-brainer when it was time to purchase both a new home for the company, as well as one for themselves. Since moving to its West Pine offices, Growing Green Inc. has become the only plantscape firm in the region with a multi-tiered showroom exhibiting seasonal containers and displays that can be incorporated into any client’s space.

Even after 40 years, Growing Green’s expert staff continues to strive toward innovation in order to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations. Being on the forward edge of design, resourcing the newest and latest products and plant maintenance systems, and refining best practices in management and technology – Growing Green Inc. does all these things and more because they pride themselves on being a cutting-edge small business.

Going forward, ownership, management and technicians will look to continue these trends while underscoring the values of leadership in the industry, fairness and integrity toward staff and clients alike, and an openness to change and new ideas – for the past 40 years, and for decades to come.