Outdoor Gardens –
St. Louis

Container Gardens in the St. Louis Area

The benefits of landscaping are well documented. Whether improving curb appeal, adding value to a property, encouraging customers to stay awhile, or obtaining better rental rates, a well-designed and maintained landscape is the mark of a caring owner.

Growing Green specializes in Container Gardens:

  • Displays of flowers and plants for every season
  • Site amenities, such as benches, to enhance the design
  • Designs for shrubs, perennials, and small ornamentals
  • Pruning, trimming, and fertilizing services for existing gardens
  • Spring and fall clean up
  • Meticulous on-going care throughout the seasons

Our designs can be carried out in a variety of settings, making the most of the space it will serve, including:

  • large street planters
  • in-ground beds
  • roof top gardens
  • patio landscapes 

What makes us different: Creativity, Communication, and Caring
Our expertise can create an award-winning display that covers 8 city blocks as we did for the opening of the Grand Renaissance Hotel in St. Louis. The photos show a street planting so colorful that people came from miles around to view it. As passers-by remarked, it brought the city to life.

Rooftop Garden in St. Louis by Growing Green IncThe roof top garden photo shows another award-winning project. What a great place for the tenants to come home to. The St. Louis Post Dispatch garden writer praised the flower selection as creative and innovative. Knowing what works and communicating the details to the owner is key to the success of this kind of difficult project.

Whether working with a condominium association or the facility manager of a corporation, we hone in on the vision the owner has for their property by listening to them. With our wide variety of unusual planters, our horticultural background, and the design skills of our Master Gardener, the client can feel confident the outcome will be successful. From the planning to the implementation and through years of maintenance, a caring staff hears what you have to say and treats your garden as if it were their own.