This is Who we are – Bridget Koenig

Meet Bridget Koenig.
Bridget has been creating spectacular holiday displays for our corporate clients for over 21 years! Working along-side her design partner, Dina Zimmerman, they have been called the most sought-after holiday designers in the St. Louis area.
Given a stack of items, in just a few minutes, Bridget can create a stunning design for any wreath, sconce or garland. The fabrication area that she works in is highly organized, just ask her where any given element is, and she can direct you to it.
Last minute orders, Saturdays, overtime – she just keeps on going to get the work done!
And a smile and a sense of humor…yep she has it! After working all year to create spectacular holiday designs for others, she does not spend too much time decorating at home. In fact, she can put up her Christmas tree in less than a minute. She just plugs in her Christmas tree shaped night light and voila! The decorating is done!