This is Who We are – Donna Padget

I think of Donna Padget, as “The Accidental Associate.” Scrolling through the website she didn’t notice that we were looking for her until she sideways glanced down, discovered there was a job waiting and we found a dedicated plant care manager.

From starting her own Facebook page regarding plants to endlessly pursuing greater knowledge, Donna pushes herself to be the best. Breaking with tradition we sent her to many out of town conferences starting her very first year and it has paid great dividends with her sharing knowledge and helping lead the Service Team. Donna particularly like being at TPIE in Fort Lauderdale January 2018 while we were shivering in the cold.

A veteran of The U.S. Air Force she loved the traveling from post to post, spending as much time as she could exploring Europe, meeting people and sharing her smiles.

Donna’s curiosity drives her, and she has learned that knowledge shared makes everyone stronger. Ask her a plant question and she will dig deep until she can answer you.