This is Who we are – Joel Pesapane

Joel is a combination of contrasts that somehow work for him.  He will say himself that his ADD might drive other people crazy, but it suits him just fine.  His interests are far ranging.  You want to know how to identify the difference between a fruit fly, a gnat, or a midge? Ask Joel – the bug guy. Would you like a great recipe for Risotto or Escarole soup? Ask Joel – the cook.  How about the history around the Battle of Waterloo or the wanderings of Lawrence of Arabia? He knows.  His reading habits are astounding, covering every imaginable topic, but leaving room for Donna Leon’s Guido. And then there is the wine – say no more. The boxes arrive weekly.

As the technical ‘go to” guy at Growing Green, he literally has written the Pesticide Applicators manual for the state of Missouri and led the way in the use of “beneficials” as an alternative treatment. As the CFO for 44 years, he introduced the company to the computer age and implemented accounting practices far more sophisticated than those used in the rest of the industry. He believes the mark of a leader is measured by the growth of those who work with him – the development of their knowledge and the celebration of their accomplishments.

Soft hearted, yet sometimes gruff; impatient, yet thoughtful; on Valentine’s Day he makes sure the Spirit of Cupid fires chocolate hearts from his bow onto everyone’s desk; always smart and always thinking of a better way. Joel retired in January of 2018, but remains a partner in the business.