This is Who we are – Julianne Vander Meulen

Julianne is part of our indoor plant care technician team here at Growing Green. She has had a love of plants since learning to garden with her father many years ago. You can see that she is truly passionate about her work – both her plants and clients are very happy.

Her work history includes many years of medical and holistic healing practice, and a previous 2-year stint as a horticulture tech in Detroit. She teaches all of us to slow down, breathe, and enjoy the moment and the surroundings. Julie is truly in-tune with wellness and recently spoke to our employees at a company meeting about wellness in our day-to-day lives. Stretching, breathing, awareness, positive affirmations, spending time with pets, and natural remedies are some of the knowledge she shared with us. She truly strives to help her team be their better selves.

Her main pleasure in this job is the joy it brings to people, knowing the health benefits of living plants surrounding them in their workplace. She loves to read eclectic books, express her creativity, cook and eat delicious foods, and spend time with close friends and her pet, Yoyo Ma Cat.