This is Who we are – Kim Pfershy


In 2005 Growing Green acquired Green Tree Enterprises from Brian and Tracy Luhr. Brian had been involved in Plantscaping for many years and he had an entire crew that we bribed by allowing them to bring their years of seniority with them when they came across the river. That is how we now have an associate, Kim, who has more than 30 years of experience in the field. Memories that hold knowledge which she has shared with the members of the horticultural service team.

However; that is neither the most important, nor what Kim would like to be known for. Is it the fact that she has been the #1 morel mushroom hunter in Southern Illinois, a mother to a wonderful teacher who has allowed Kim to play with two beautiful grandchildren, a great wife to Jimmy, who adores her!

Yes, her family comes first, and we would not want it any other way because it is the caring that comes from a great family that has allowed her to have a second life as the head of our services team who has shepherded our staff for over ten years, so much so that you may want to call them her associates.

Whether it is helping to service one of our major mall clients, doing a house call to assist with a plant problem or leading her team’s meetings, Kim is dedicated to Growing Green providing the very best client care possible. She is a river of knowledge and help and ever ready to bring some positive energy into our lives.