This is Who we are – Larry Bulawsky

Rock Star? Metal Sculptor? Master Plant Installer? All of these words apply to Larry Bulawsky. Multi-talented, from creating ornamental gates for a client or hanging wreaths on the side of buildings 8 stories up, Larry has been at the heart of Growing Green for over 15 years.

Trained as a metal sculptor with a BFA with an emphasis on Sculpture from UC Santa Cruz, Larry started working in the floriculture industry when he lived in California. We were lucky to hire him when he located to the St. Louis area. Larry is truly appreciative of the flex hours he can work which allows him to assume his secret persona as Larry Harry, singing and playing guitar with different bands throughout the area. The one thing he has slowed down at is performing on stage while on his knees. It is just too much effort to get up again.

Larry’s training in The Arts helps when he is installing displays. Turn this here, turn that there! Voila, now it’s perfect.

Thank Larry for his eyes which makes our installations shine!