This is Who we are – Lynn Ott

If you haven’t met Lynn Ott it is probably because she was moving too fast. One of our vendors awarded her the trophy as the hardest working person in the industry. Originally hired to run our Holiday Displays, we soon learned that she was a year-round treasure based on years of working at Rolling Ridge Nursery in Webster Groves.

Hiring Lynn was one of those fateful accidents. We were making a reservation to interview an out of town candidate for the job when our client, the hotel manager, asked us who we needed a room for. He told us that we didn’t need a room, we needed his sister! In one of those incredible twists of fate the other candidate called to say she couldn’t accept the position because of family obligations and Lynn became our newest employee. It was over ten years ago and we are still telling the story.

Lynn’s biggest thrills are reserved for her family, including 6 grandchildren with another on the way. Next is the Wall of Awards that her team has been awarded for their great work.

Next time you look at those great pots of color outside your door know that Lynn is the creative person behind the team that installs and maintains them.