This is Who we are – Molly

Molly is the senior member of our Office Canine Brigade. She is a sprightly 16 year-old Rat Terrier and in her younger days reminded us that terrier and terror have the same roots. She loves to snuggle and spends most of her days happily snoozing and dreaming of running through fields filled with treats.

One day, Molly couldn’t be found at home. Her Mom and Dad searched everywhere. They were very frightened for her as they live in coyote country and Molly had already had an encounter. They searched for hours and had given up and went to bed. As soon as they laid down a pillow case started to unfurl and who popped out but their little girl, safe, sound and wondering what all the excitement was about.

Ten pounds of love and warmth, Molly keeps us all calm and relaxed. She is one of the reasons that we are proud to call The Missouri Humane Society a client.