This is Who we are – Nicki Glauber

Nicki came to Growing Green with a thirst for knowledge.  She knew she wanted to be a part of this company and learn all the secrets the professional plant world has to offer.   Starting out as a horticulture technician turned out to be incredibly beneficial, when she later accepted a new role as the Account Representative in the sales department.  In her new position she provides existing clients with assistance in adding, or redesigning their spaces for interior plantings, exterior color, holiday, living walls and moss art.  She aims to always be there for any questions or concerns our clients may have.

The social aspects of the job are an added bonus, she loves connecting with clients.  Helping host client workshops, member luncheons, and educational CEU presentation are all a part of the fun and she rarely misses one.  Sharing the benefits of Biophilia and helping our clients achieve a beautiful, happy property is her mission. 

Outside of work, you will more than likely find her outdoors, always with Ivey, her Goldendoodle by her side.  She has a love for nature and all things living.  New experiences, travel, friends, and her big family keep her motivated.