This is Who we are – Sally Geniec

If Sally were sneaking through the alley you may not have noticed her. Quiet, and petite she goes about her work with a perpetual smile and a let’s get this done attitude. A degree in Parks and Recreation led her to management roles in County Parks but her love of landscaping and the ability to get out from behind a desk brought her to us.
Deceptively quiet , Sally has a store of practice in everything from how and why to dig a hole that is twice the diameter of a root ball to natural target pruning. She has taught many of us about  how to prune different shrubs, some during dormancy and some right before new growth.
We have never seen Sally without a smile. Silently moving along we often wonder, “ Who was that small tornado that just blew through?” We value her smile and her knowledge . She makes each day a little brighter.