This is Who we are – Suzanne Alberter

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, all is quiet except the voice in Suzanne’s head which says, “ Time to send Joel an email to make sure that he mailed all the payables checks!”

The “ Official Worrier” of Growing Green Inc., as Director of Administration she is in charge of , well???- Everything. From paying the bills, managing health insurance, reviewing our contracts with vendors and taking care of Ivy and Talon, her two offspring, her mind is constantly working. Our biggest concern is that she will stop with the 3 a.m. emails and start with phone calls.

Suzanne has spent two stints with us. She was a Plant Care Manager whose main concern was care of the plants and flowers in The Jewel Box in Forest Park which we installed during the renovation in 2002. A steady hand with a pruning saw , she was merciless in keeping the plants in line and thinning to encourage new growth. She was also the Instructor in Floriculture at Southwestern Illinois Community College sharing her knowledge and experience with the next generation of plant experts.

Suzanne returned to us several years later as Head of Installations before becoming the person in charge of worrying. Her skills at organization and attention to detail help to keep us on track. If you have a question regarding Insurance , A/R or A/P email her and she will track down your answer.