This is Who we are – Teri Pesapane

45 years ago Teri came back from a trip East and proclaimed that she wanted to sell plants. If the phrase “ Giant Oaks from Little Acorns Grow” ever applied, it is here.
A Founder of The Interior Plantscape Association , she has spoken across the country training on customer relations, vendor alliances and sales , having fun and enjoying herself the entire time. IPA conferences were famous for telling stories about how we got there. Teri’s early training and career in dance made her fearless in standing in front of people and “owning” the room.
While proclaiming that she never met a red wine she didn’t like, if you pour her a glass of Amarone you are sure to get her attention. Sharing both her personal and business likes has been a driving force from the beginning.
Growing from just two people to a company of over 35, she has guided Growing Green Inc. to be one of the most influential Plantscape companies in the World and has served as a mentor and model for colleagues throughout North America. Accepting the challenge of hosting an intern from Germany for six months, she is proud that her influence will soon be acknowledged as we travel to Europe to see our young intern accept her Doctorate in Floricultural Economics.
Teri has two mantras that she likes:
1. Doing the Same Thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity.
2. I think that’s your job.

Both are said with the understanding that Growing Green has prided itself on hiring the best and giving them all the resources they need to make wise decisions and choose courses of action.

She is our leader and a source of inspiration across our Industry!