This is Who we are – Rich Butler

One day as we were closing up the old warehouse there was a guy who asked what we did. We explained and he said it sounded interesting and introduced himself. That is how we met Rich Butler. The Police Garage was just down the alley from us, and Rich was in charge of Facilities for The Police Department.

Rich’s experience in maintaining a facility and in supervising staff was in evidence from the beginning. He was organized, knowledgeable, had leadership qualities, could recognize ways to improve methods of care for exterior plantings, and a true passion for plants and desire for taking care of them. There was one problem – He had a Full Time Job!

At first, he came in after hours, helping out at The Jewel Box with cleaning the big trees, then he started filling in during summer streetscape plantings on weekends when the St. Louis summers are unbearably hot. He would start out at 5:30 in the morning and have a route done before noon, with a smile on his face and a greeting for everyone who came his way.

Soon, Rich was taking time off from his regular job to help during peak planting seasons and the Holiday magic rush. He is a team leader and a stickler for keeping his crews safe.

Growing Green is a happier place whenever Rich is around as his enthusiasm and management experience make him an asset to whatever he chooses to do. Because his desire for knowledge of plants and their care is so broad based, we just stand back and let him tell us what he can do. He has never let us down.

Rich will be retiring from his job as Head of Facilities for The St. Louis Police Department in the upcoming years. We are hoping that he will join our staff and continue to help us grow as a company. We have had the fortune of his services for over 15 years and we hope he will join us for another 15.