Our Mission, Value & Vision

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to sharing our passion for nature by working with our clients to develop an environment that is happy, healthy, productive and beautiful.

Our Mission

The mission of Growing Green Inc. since 1973 is to provide companies and organizations with memorable, well designed plantings and holiday installations for their indoor and outdoor environments. These displays combined with our expert care will result in healthy, happy, and productive workplaces for employees and visitors.

Growing Green truly understands the impact of a clean, green, creative space for people to be their most productive selves.  We strive to bring this value to our clients in a professional and satisfying manner and we live it everyday in our own work environment. 

By empowering our employees with customer service training and on-going technical training, they can be their best at all times.  The Growing Green environment encourages staff to share ideas, cultivate creativity, respect diversity and act with integrity.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help inspire our clients by showing them innovative, trending products and design solutions.  The service and installation experts will employ the latest techniques to insure the long term success of each project.  We are proud of our award winning work and will continue to be on the cutting edge in our industry.

Value Statement

When working with each other, vendors or our customers, Growing Green, Inc. expects our staff to be trustworthy, honest, and hardworking.  Continuing the process of individual growing and learning is key to our success.   Achieving high standards and showing accountability in our jobs is important for every employee.

Growing Green desires an atmosphere of respect, teamwork and cooperation among ourselves and our departments.  We strive for excellent service, communication and professionalism.

Vision Statement

Growing Green will strive to maintain our position as being the top Plant Care Company in our area and continue to be a national leader in our industry.  We work to build strong client relationships where both parties learn and listen to each other.  Our staff will work to provide excellence in products and services.

We will look for ways to grow, be innovative, improve our services, and maintain our high standards.  Supporting our team will achieve our main goal which is customer satisfaction.