2019 I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest – Gold Award

Gold Award Containers – Magna Place Lobby – St. Louis, MO


When your client sees a planter in a magazine from Europe, aren’t you glad you spent the dollars and the time to learn about what is offered outside the U.S?! You are in the position to say “yes we can do that.” Keeping up with world trends is vital to the growth of our company. Having said that, isn’t it even better to have relationships with your vendors right here in the U.S. and be able to work with them to make custom planters.

That is the case in this job. The client knew what she wanted and we had just the right partner to make it happen. The planters are metal, custom shapes and sizes, to match the geometric shapes within the building. We did not have 6 months to wait for production. We worked with our vendor partner to move quickly. After coming up with an overall design based on the shape and dimensions of the space, we wanted equilateral triangles and cubes manufactured out of metal… powder coated aluminum. Some of the triangles have 32” sides and are 24” tall. Others have 32” sides with 36 inches in height. And even more are the 32” per side with 48 inches in height. It is a big space and it is all about scale, the planters needed to accommodate the large plant size for the space.

Fifteen (15) Janet Craig compacta canes in 14” grow pots were sourced, 5’ plus in height, all were bought directly from Hawaii. They were the base of the overall design. At the center of the plantscape was the 21”, Ficus lyrata, 8’-9’ tall housed in a white planter to make it a statement piece. Placed in a very prominent location, it stands as the focal point. The balance of the display is the Orchid and Bromeliad installations which change regularly and are enhanced with Manzanita branches. All plantings were top-dressed with shiny white poly pebbles to finish off the clean design.

We look forward to keeping this plantscape in great shape for years to come.


International Design Contest Winners
I-Plants Magazine June 2019


I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest Gold Award for Container PlantscapeI-Plants Magazine International Design Contest Gold Award for Container Plant Design

I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest Gold Award for Container Plant Design