2019 I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest – Gold Award

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I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest Gold Award for Container Plant Design

Description: When your client sees a planter in a magazine from Europe, aren’t you glad you spent the dollars and the time to learn about what is offered outside the U.S?! You are in the position to say “yes we can do that.” Keeping up with world trends is vital to the growth of our company. Having said that, isn’t it even better to have relationships with your vendors right here in the U.S. ...

2019 I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest – Silver Award

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Description: The patio/plaza had thousands of eyes looking at it every day—some walked by; others saw it from their offices many stories up. Besides wanting our four (4) season plan, the client also wanted the 5th season: holiday with lots of lights but limited electricity. The planters were already in place, located in open areas and at the entrance to a restaurant in the complex. The start was to replace the evergreens...

2016 AmericanHort International Plantscape Gold Award – “The Splash”

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We are bringing color into a very large, heavily visited space with the use of various bromeliad varieties. We have ten large containers in the courtyard, twelve lookdowns, nine containers in the pool and various others spread throughout. This covers 3 levels. We are using other plants to beautify this space but our concentration is on bromeliads...

2016 AmericanHort International Plantscape Gold Award – “Winter Lights”

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First we’ll remove the fall planting of mums, swiss chard, kale. We have 6 slanted beds along a busy sidewalk on 2 sides that our client wants lights. We are talking about planter beds covering a full downtown block. The client is not sure what kind of lights or how we are to achieve it but he hopes we can figure something out. And he wants to leave it in all winter...

2015 I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest – First Place Award

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During our visit with the owner she described how she’d like to feel, as if she was sitting on her patio at home looking into her garden. She wanted “pretty things” but was not specific about plant varieties. There were existing pots with Japanese Maple Bloodgood trees, but two of them had died. She loved having trees up so high on her terraces...

Four Seasons Award

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Growing Green has been beautifying building exteriors for years, but recently decided to enter an awards contest sponsored by the Plantscape Institute of America. We are thrilled to be Gold Award Winners for “Four Seasons of Interest”. Our designer took great care in selecting plant material that would thrive in the area as well as give eye-catching curb appeal to the building.