2019 I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest – Silver Award

Silver Award Containers – Garden Plaza – St. Louis, MO


The patio/plaza had thousands of eyes looking at it every day—some walked by; others saw it from their offices many stories up. Besides wanting our four (4) season plan, the client also wanted the 5th season: holiday with lots of lights but limited electricity. The planters were already in place, located in open areas and at the entrance to a restaurant in the complex. The start was to replace the evergreens with much larger plants. They would remain in the planters year-round and give structure to the overall patioscape.

Then, for each season, the effort was to use a palette that projected the feel of a “garden in a pot”. This meant different shades of green, small leaf plants, broad leaf plants, a mixture of colors, vining plants, upright plants, and shapes that both coordinated and contrasted with each other. Each planter was to provide an overall “look” that contributed to the whole; but when viewed up close it would be its own little world in terms of interest. One would see an arrangement individual to that planter.

The holiday décor was just so fun, with plenty of room to introduce many elements. Evergreen branches filled every pot. There were pine cones, twigs, and ornaments of varying texture, color, shape, and size. Each piece fit into the overall theme, but again each planter held its individual interest. The sizes of the holiday pieces had to be significant in order to stand out in the space. Spots of strong color had impact without being overwhelming. Battery operated lights were added in areas where electricity was not available. This addition lit up the center of the plaza in the form of lit branches, tree trunks and snowflakes. The building tenants, management team and guests continued to watch: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and holiday. The client had put forth the challenge and continues to express their gratitude for the new look and the continued level of care and attention that they receive. The bold combination of colors used creates quite an impact for the 17 & 24 story buildings overlooking the plaza. Also, an eye-catching view from the street and restaurant patio. When making the plant selection many things had to be considered because of the high winds and heavy pedestrian traffic.


International Design Contest Winners
I-Plants Magazine June 2019