Color Series

Color Series

Nothing says “welcome” better than a splash of color in your company lobby or office reception area!

Bring life and vibrancy to your high-profile spaces with Growing Green's Color Series programs! These programs feature rotating plant selections throughout the year, ensuring a constant burst of color, lush foliage, and a dynamic atmosphere. With options designed for every budget, our Color Series programs are a perfect way to beautify your space and impress visitors.


We offer eight different Color Series Programs:

  • Color Bowls — Deliveries: 12/year
  • Classic Botanicals — Deliveries: 10/year
  • Elegant Orchids — Deliveries: 6/year
  • Eco Exotics — Deliveries: 4/year
  • The Exotics — Deliveries: 7/year
  • The Stunning Stromanthe — Deliveries: 6/year
  • The Succulent Collection — Deliveries: 6/year
  • Tremendous Tropicals — Deliveries: 6/year

Take your office space to the next level — with a regularly scheduled rotation of unique and dramatically designed color series — from Growing Green!


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