This is Who we are – Cameryn Barbeau

Cameryn Barbeau is the newest member of our Administrative Team and we are still wondering how we were lucky enough to have her join us. She is a whiz with spread sheets and can fly her fingers over a keyboard with lightning speed.

Cam Graduated from U. of Illinois Springfield with a degree in Marketing and Communication, earning her way through college through a soccer scholarship. She has the unenviable job of calling people to ask for money but her cheery voice and buoyant manner can quickly help figure out the situation.

Cameryn joined us at a critical time, it was late summer, and we had lost our A/R person going into our busy fall and holiday period. She jumped right in and has made the job hers. If you have any billing questions just call her. We know Cam can help figure things out in the same way that her skills at Sweeper kept the opponents away from her Goalkeeper.