This is Who we are – Julianne Vander Meulen

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Julianne is part of our indoor plant care technician team here at Growing Green. She has had a love of plants since learning to garden with her father many years ago. You can see that she is truly passionate about her work – both her plants and clients are very happy. Her work history includes many years of medical and holistic healing practice, and a previous 2-year stint as a horticulture tech in Detroit...

2019 I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest – Gold Award

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I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest Gold Award for Container Plant Design

Description: When your client sees a planter in a magazine from Europe, aren’t you glad you spent the dollars and the time to learn about what is offered outside the U.S?! You are in the position to say “yes we can do that.” Keeping up with world trends is vital to the growth of our company. Having said that, isn’t it even better to have relationships with your vendors right here in the U.S. ...

2019 I-Plants Magazine International Design Contest – Silver Award

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Description: The patio/plaza had thousands of eyes looking at it every day—some walked by; others saw it from their offices many stories up. Besides wanting our four (4) season plan, the client also wanted the 5th season: holiday with lots of lights but limited electricity. The planters were already in place, located in open areas and at the entrance to a restaurant in the complex. The start was to replace the evergreens...

This is Who we are – Nicki Glauber

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Nicki came to Growing Green with a thirst for knowledge. She knew she wanted to be a part of this company and learn all the secrets the professional plant world has to offer. Starting out as a horticulture technician turned out to be incredibly beneficial, when she later accepted a new role as the Account Representative in the sales department. In her new position she provides existing clients with assistance...

This is Who we are – Joel Pesapane

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Joel is a combination of contrasts that somehow work for him. He will say himself that his ADD might drive other people crazy, but it suits him just fine. His interests are far ranging. You want to know how to identify the difference between a fruit fly, a gnat, or a midge? Ask Joel – the bug guy. Would you like a great recipe for Risotto or Escarole soup? Ask Joel – the cook. How about the history around...

This is Who we are – Kim Pfershy

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In 2005 Growing Green acquired Green Tree Enterprises from Brian and Tracy Luhr. Brian had been involved in Plantscaping for many years and he had an entire crew that we bribed by allowing them to bring their years of seniority with them when they came across the river. That is how we now have an associate, Kim, who has more than 30 years of experience in the field. Memories that hold knowledge...

This is Who we are – Dina Zimmerman

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Meet Dina Zimmerman – Holiday Designer Extraordinaire! We were lucky the day Dina Zimmerman walked into our door. She came to us already having experience designing and selling commercial holiday décor, and fit right into our team immediately. Dina has a discerning eye for what is in style, how to incorporate it into our designs, and what customers like. She is aware of the latest trends...

Living Plants – Nature’s Game Changer

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Living Plants for the Workplace of Tomorrow. Super charge your office space with living technology!   Video Published by Green Plants for Green Buildings. Growing Green Inc. is a proud supporter of Green Plants for Green Buildings.