This is Who we are – Larry Bulawsky

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Rock Star? Metal Sculptor? Master Plant Installer? All of these words apply to Larry Bulawsky. Multi-talented, from creating ornamental gates for a client or hanging wreaths on the side of buildings 8 stories up, Larry has been at the heart of Growing Green for over 15 years.

This is Who we are – Suzanne Alberter

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Suzanne Alberter at Growing Green St.Louis

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, all is quiet except the voice in Suzanne’s head which says, “ Time to send Joel an email to make sure that he mailed all the payables checks!” The “ Official Worrier” of Growing Green Inc., as Director of Administration she is in charge of , well???- Everything. From paying the bills, managing health insurance, reviewing our contracts with vendors and taking care of Ivy and Talon, her two offspring, her mind is constantly

This is Who we are – Mark Spink

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Say Hello to Mark Spink! Always wearing a smile and up for a challenge, Mark is always pitching in to help. Mark has a long history with plants. Working for several other companies before joining us, he has an appreciation for the Team efforts that we emphasize. As a trainer, Mark works with our Horticultural Technicians out on jobs, helping and teaching from over 30 years of experience...

Bringing Life to a Space with Biophilic Design
–St. Louis

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A committee within this international company collaborated on their Green Initiative and spearheaded the Green Wall idea. We worked with the Management Company to make it happen and bring the project to life. The system is performing beautifully and the client is happy. This wall is 15’ wide x 14’ tall, and adds a living biophilic design element to this space!

This is Who we are – Molly

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Molly, Senior Office Canine brigade at Growing Green St. Louis

Molly is the senior member of our Office Canine Brigade. She is a sprightly 16 year-old Rat Terrier and in her younger days reminded us that terrier and terror have the same roots. She loves to snuggle and spends most of her days happily snoozing and dreaming of running through fields filled with treats. One day, Molly couldn’t be found at home. Her Mom and Dad searched everywhere. They were very frightened for her as they live in coyote country

Green Walls Create Biophilic Impact –
Granular — Champaign,IL

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We were excited to receive a lead to work with a new client remotely. This sale had a trifecta effect; the client is based in San Francisco, the physical location for install of the office is in Champaign, IL and we are in St Louis, MO. We did not meet in person, nor had we been to the install location. We designed the green wall sight unseen. All communication was done by email, phone calls, and text messages. The key

New Living Wall Creates Inviting Space –
St. Louis

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The request was to create an inviting space for hotel guests to hang out in during their stay. Our designers immediately went to task, to work-up a plan. Using the front of the hotel to anchor the space, Growing Green added a living wall on one side and added lush plantings on the other two sides to give a protected feeling a create a peaceful space. A fire pit and comfy seating really finish off the area. The wall is

This is Who we are – Teri Pesapane

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45 years ago Teri came back from a trip East and proclaimed that she wanted to sell plants. If the phrase “ Giant Oaks from Little Acorns Grow” ever applied, it is here. A Founder of The Interior Plantscape Association , she has spoken across the country training on customer relations, vendor alliances and sales , having fun and enjoying herself the entire time...

This is Who we are — David Blakely

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Every company needs fresh blood and David , as our newest associate , more than fulfills that function. A native of Southern California, David attended San Francisco State University where he received a BA in Industrial Design. He moved to St. Louis over 10 years ago thinking it was going to be a three year stay and has settled in to make St. Louis his home. Sending him to Florida in January to attend the largest Tropical Plant Industry Expo